Erica Tighe Campbell

mom, business owner, artist

I'm Erica

I am a thirty something mother of two little girls (Frances, 3 and Lucille, 1). I am an entrepreneur and designer and founded Be A Heart in 2015. My husband, Paul, and I just bought a home on the historical registrar in Phoenix and shortly after experienced the pregnancy loss of our twin girls.

In November 2024, I will celebrate 10 years of sobriety. This last year I was diagnosed with ADHD. These are two of the best things that have ever happened to me.

I love to talk about all of these things - motherhood, female business ownership, sobriety, the creative life, marriage, ADHD, mental health, and becoming who God created us to be. I enjoy sharing openly in hopes that another woman might feel a tiny bit less alone.

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releasing in september 2023

Living the Seasons: Simple Ways to Celebrate the Beauty of your Faith Throughout the Year

A full-color guide to creatively celebrating the faith throughout the year. Living the Seasons is brimming with clever, doable, and beautiful crafts and activities; vivid photographs; brief introductions to the seasons and the lives of the saints; heartfelt notes of encouragement, and original Be A Heart illustrations. This gorgeous companion will become your favorite resource for living your faith at home for years to come.

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